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What our customers are saying:

“The product is easy to apply due to its condensed form. Indoor and outdoor use - it’s perfect for all gardeners. Excellent product!”

probiotics for your soil

Feed your plants & gardens with our simple, nutrient rich condensed compost.

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Earth Medicine is a living, condensed version of our highest quality aerobic compost that is manufactured in Burley ID. Through our unique process of custom screening and compost turning equipment, we have created a detailed and scientific process that has allowed us to produce our unique product. Adding Earth Medicine helps plant owners and home gardeners to grow healthy vibrant plants and obtain higher fruit and vegetable yields from their gardens. This is no backyard compost. Our manufacturers have over 15 years of experience in cultivating nutrient dense compost that has been proven to bring diverse microbial life back into the soil.

Through our precise method of turning, fine screening, heat, moisture and adding organic flax (used to create a protective coating - to keep the living bacteria and fungi alive and stable), we are able to create a condensed product that can be used directly on all indoor and outdoor plants and garden beds.

Always water your plants after applying Earth Medicine. Water helps to break down the protective coating, releasing the microbial life into the soil, bringing balance and health to the environment of the plant.


The Earth Medicine Girls

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Michelle Ritter

Co-Founder, Rural Gardener

Michelle is born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada and resides outside of Regina SK where her and husband operate their family grain farm. She completed her education with a B.A in Marketing and has found her passion in all things gardening, flowers and farming.

Carmen Prefontaine

Co-Founder, Urban Gardener

Carmen is born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada but resides in Toronto ON. She completed her education in Holistic Nutrition along with a B.A in Entrepreneurship. She has found comfort in creating a thriving space for houseplants, herbs and will soon take on balcony vegetable gardening.


Michelle and Carmen are sisters who launched Earth Medicine in May of 2019 with the goal of one day distributing Earth Medicine across Canada and the USA.

Their dad, Dan Prefontaine, is the creator and “mad scientist” behind the scenes of the product. His manufacturing site is located in Burley ID, where he owns and operates Potent Soil Amendments.